Month: December 2016

Gender Marketing: How Brands Use the Power of Colors To Persuade You

Targeting your ads to the right customer goes beyond selecting the right content, images and platforms. The colors chosen for the adverts play a major role in determining how people will react to them. For instance, certain colors are known to attract women, while others resonate with men.   This is known as color psychology, and is frequently used in gender marketing. In fact, it has become a major component in many marketing strategies utilized by brands within various industries.

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Gender Marketing and Name Gender Database: How to Understand and Profile Your Customers

Gender Marketing is about understanding your customers and their profiles thoroughly. Marketers generally adopt the approach of neutral marketing to play safe; by and large, both men and women feel that they have not been targeted by the marketers properly. The marketers should continuously strive for competitiveness and take benefits from the ever changing environment which can be facilitated by the realization of the concept of gender marketing. In this article, I will discuss how gender marke

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