Month: September 2019

The Future of Gender Marketing and Gender-Based Consumer Segmentation

From a marketing standpoint, gender is one of the many important factors that shape consumer behavior and marketing. In this article, we explore how gender specialization influences product pricing and the usage of gender visual codes in marketing. We will also implore trends and brands adopting gender neutrality and the pros and cons of gender neutrality. At the end of this article, one point remains clear. Being gender indifferent in marketing communications can be a major pitfall as custo

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Male vs. Female: How to Properly Use Gender Approach Marketing In A Restaurant Business

Did you know that most successful restaurateurs use a gender-based approach to marketing? Unfortunately, many use gender-based marketing on a whim, failing to conduct a detailed analysis before executing. Based on the survey conducted by Consumer Segmentation Research Group, one of the most common reasons why marketers do not adopt a gender-based marketing approach is because 80% of businesses fail to collect gender information as part of their registration funnel. Most of

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