Name Gender List – Market Segmentation That Leads To Conversions

Wasting money on marketing and impressions that gives you so many leads but not enough conversions? The key is for you to determine how to segment your consumers in a way that will have the biggest impact on your business. Consumer segmentation enables marketing teams to make the most out of their valuable marketing dollars by tailoring their marketing efforts to each specific audience. Save money by reaching the right people with the right message.   What is consumer segmentation? &nb

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Growth Hacking + Consumer Segmentation = 10 x Email Marketing Sales [4 Tips For The Holiday Season]

Email Marketing, Growth Hacking, Consumer Segmentation, Gender Based Segmenation

Holiday bells are a ringing – what have you done to improve your digital marketing this season? If you’re not making moves to increase your traffic and conversions, then you’re leaving money on the table.   Not to mention, you’re also losing customers to your competition. But one way to gain a competitive edge is to implement gender marketing segmentation into your strategy.   After all, it’s the top way to give your holiday email sales a real boost. And let’s not

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2017 Best Marketing Segmentation Tools – Name Gender Lists

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you’ve likely heard, or even had talks, about using personalization in your online marketing. Segmentation is nothing new in general marketing, but it has definitely transformed.   Today, we are using various factors to segment and personalize the experience of customers and prospects. Particularly, we’re beginning to see the importance of gender marketing segmentation and how it relates to improving conversion rates.   As you may

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Gender-Based Marketing Segmentation That Works for Every Business

Businesses (especially SaaS products) built upon creating consumer-focused services and products are oftentimes lacking in personalized experiences and content. Prospects and customers are treated the same, regardless of the acquisition channel they come from, their buying intent, geo segmentation, gender or anything else that would require a personalized approach. In recent years, advertising has taken a shift towards personalization, yet, many businesses have yet to catch on. Companies, big an

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The Untold Story of Gender Marketing Segmentation in the Age of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

The Great Divide: How SaaS Has Fallen Behind the Rat Race   The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry emerged from the cable television subscription model very quickly, becoming synonymous to innovations, cutting edge technologies, and groundbreaking marketing acquisition techniques. SaaS start-ups were founded by a new generation of data-driven leaders that spoke a new language of ROI, Lifetime value, and churn rates. This new generation of leaders preferred Growth Rates, Bookings, a

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Secret Weapon Of Email Marketing Segmentation: “Gender Checker”

playing the gender game

A successful email marketing campaign can help increase both your incoming site traffic and revenue. According to stats, B2C businesses are increasing their conversion rates by 50 percent and B2B companies are seeing a 60 percent increase in revenue. When you throw personalization into the mix, we find a 26 percent increase in email opens.   Anyone who says email marketing is dead is obviously not paying attention to the data. And the data shows that email marketing, when done right,

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Gender Marketing: How Brands Use the Power of Colors To Persuade You

male or female names

Targeting your ads to the right customer goes beyond selecting the right content, images and platforms. The colors chosen for the adverts play a major role in determining how people will react to them. For instance, certain colors are known to attract women, while others resonate with men.   This is known as color psychology, and is frequently used in gender marketing. In fact, it has become a major component in many marketing strategies utilized by brands within various industries.

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Gender Marketing and Name Gender Database: How to Understand and Profile Your Customers

Gender Marketing and Name Gender Database

Gender Marketing is about understanding your customers and their profiles thoroughly. Marketers generally adopt the approach of neutral marketing to play safe; by and large, both men and women feel that they have not been targeted by the marketers properly. The marketers should continuously strive for competitiveness and take benefits from the ever changing environment which can be facilitated by the realization of the concept of gender marketing. In this article, I will discuss how gender marke

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Men vs Women Buyers: How Gender Marketing Analytics Can Enhance Your Advertising and Increase Sales

male vs female brain

Every marketer dreams of developing a strategy that suits both their male and female customers. However, in order to appease your audience, you first have to learn everything you can about them. All types of data is being collected about consumers, allowing brands and marketing experts to properly target their prospects at the best times, on the right channels and using the right language.   But what’s more telling about consumers is their gender. The psyche of the male and female sho

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