Gender Marketing Segmentation

  • World's Largest List of First Names by Gender - 177k Unique Names (Female | Male | Unisex)
  • List of Names by Gender dataset was collected from publicly available government data sources such as United States Census, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand (135 years of data from 365 million people) as well as scraped from social media sites
  • Gender Marketing Segmentation is the most effective underutilized marketing technique
  • Personalizing your marketing message/ad/content by gender can boost your conversion rates by over 35%, email open rates by over 50%, click-through rates by over 25% and can increase your sales by over 25%
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: once you buy NameGenderPro list - you own the dataset (no APIs, no hidden fees, no recurring payment)
  • Gender marketing isn’t a new concept, but it’s a highly efficient technique that is widely underused. The businesses that are savvy enough to use it are witnessing hikes in their conversion rates and revenue. If you’re new to the idea of utilizing name databases for your marketing efforts, then here is a quick overview of what Name Gender Pro is all about.


Why Names Matter

Today’s online users are shopping for products and services using their smartphones. They are using social media and search engines for this purpose, which provides you with two grand opportunities to showcase your ads to them. Both platforms allow you to use ad re-targeting to bring back prospects and potentially convert them. While this is easier said than done, personalization can dramatically increase your chances of success.
Knowing whether a person is a male or female is key to personalizing your marketing content and campaigns. Studies show that personalized emails and ads have a much higher conversion rate than those that aren’t. One study shows that personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates. However, 70 percent of brands still aren’t using them – don’t make the same mistake!

What We Do to Make it Easier

Not all first names are easy to match to a male or female, which is where Name Gender Pro comes into play. We have a database of over 177,000 male, female and unisex names. You can quickly and easily integrate our database into your own, so you can begin matching names to the proper gender right away.

With this new tool, you can better design your:

We know that male and women are different breeds of shoppers. This makes it even more necessary to know who it is you’re talking to, so you can utilize behavioral profiles to your advantage. Businesses that cater to both male and females must learn to be more personable in their content, so that it connects with prospects, potentially converting them into loyal customers.

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