Growth Hacking + Consumer Segmentation = 10 x Email Marketing Sales [4 Tips For The Holiday Season]

Email Marketing, Growth Hacking, Consumer Segmentation, Gender Based Segmenation

Holiday bells are a ringing – what have you done to improve your digital marketing this season? If you’re not making moves to increase your traffic and conversions, then you’re leaving money on the table.


Not to mention, you’re also losing customers to your competition. But one way to gain a competitive edge is to implement gender marketing segmentation into your strategy.


After all, it’s the top way to give your holiday email sales a real boost. And let’s not forget the fact that 20% to 30% of annual sales take place during the holidays (for most retailers).


However, whatever industry you’re in, you can use the following tips to help grow your holiday email sales this year.


#1 Use Gender-Based Segmentation


If you’re not already segmenting your email campaigns, then many of your promotions are falling on deaf ears (or blind eyes). In other words, you’re wasting your time and money.


By segmenting your email lists, you can take a personal approach when engaging with your subscribers. Now, there are various ways you can do this, the top being gender-based segmentation.


Research shows using targeted emails can greatly improve engagement rates. So it’s definitely something you want to consider using.


Once you know the gender of your subscribers, you can further personalize your emails. Some ideas include:


  • Focusing on interests: Women and men of different age groups have varying interests. Take a look at past purchases to see how you can upsell other products/services.
  • Separating seasonal shoppers from year-rounders: Each group has their own motivations for purchasing from your brand. Customize your campaign’s frequency, timing and content to match these needs.
  • Reaching out to cart abandoners: Re-engage with your shoppers to draw them back in to complete their purchase. These emails can include a limited-time offer just for doing so.
  • Giving out coupons: There’s no better way to reward your frequent shoppers than with personalized coupons.

These are just some of the things you can do to help make your email marketing more profitable this coming holiday season.


#2 Add Marketing Automation into the Mix


Now, this is a clever way to ensure your audience receives their emails in a timely manner. Business owners simply don’t have the time to write and send out emails daily.


Once you’ve segmented your email lists based on gender, interests and other behaviors, you can create emails and have them automatically sent. There are tools on the market that make this process effortless.


These tools come with a variety of features, which allow you to design, customize and schedule each email campaign.


This way, you’re gender-based segmented campaign is executed seamlessly. There are several ways you marketing automation can work for your email lists.


For instance, it can assist with re-marketing. When shoppers come to your site and leave without making a purchase, you can send them an email, enticing them to return.


Also, automation tools come with a host of tracking features, which provide valuable insight into customer behaviors. For example, it tracks actions like email opens and link clicks. Then you can score each of your email subscribers based on the data collected.


This will help you further personalize your campaigns by modifying your segments based on behavior.


#3 Time Your Emails Strategically


As you already know, timing is everything in marketing. So if you end up sending out holiday emails too soon, then you risk giving users email fatigue.


The key is to plan your emails strategically. For instance, Black Friday emails that are sent right before and immediately after have a higher open rate than those sent earlier in the month.


However, for Xmas, it seems that a few weeks prior and a few days after give the best results.


There are multiple factors that play a part in how you schedule your emails over the holidays. And gender is one of them. The way women shop during the holidays is a little different than for men.


For instance, 56% of men begin holiday shopping on Thanksgiving compared to 44% of women. The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to time your engagements and plan the content it contains.


As a rule of thumb, you should consider your buying cycle when planning the schedule for emails. For example, if your buying cycle is around 2 weeks, then you should send out emails around Dec 4th for Xmas gift shoppers.


Just make sure to send out a follow up email to entice subscribers to make future purchases.


#4 Write Amazing Content


After your subscribers open your emails, the content should be attractive and engaging. There are several ways you can pull this off:


  • Set yourself apart: Your messaging should help make your brand differentiate from competitors (in a good way).
  • Give lots of value: You don’t want to come off overly promotional, so give advice, tips, coupons and anything else that will add value to the customer.
  • Maintain communication: Keep your subscribers in the know of upcoming sales, shipping deals, low inventory and alerts when products are restocked.
  • Use the trickle effect: You don’t want to bombard subscribers with holiday emails, especially if you’ve been silent most of the year. Drip emails into their inboxes slowly in the beginning, and well before the holidays approach.

It’s a lot easier to craft emails that cater to your subscribers when you know their gender, behaviors and interests. With the right tools, all of this comes easier and can be implemented seamlessly.


How the NameGenderPro Database Can Help


Gender-based marketing is crucial for personalizing your email campaigns. This is especially true, since men and women shop differently.


With this database, you can identify your audience based on their first name. If you’re serious about ramping up your holiday email sales, then stop by to learn more!