How It Works

  • Quick and easy access to list of male/female/unisex names
  • Three different packages to choose from that match your business marketing needs
  • Easy to download and use (csv file OR sql)
  • Start designing behavioral targeted marketing campaigns
  • You’ll be happy to know that Name Gender Pro has made the entire process of buying and accessing your name database very simple. We offer three different packages to choose from so that you can select the one that best suits your business and marketing needs.


These package options include:

  • Data Professional (95,000+ names from USA)
  • Data Premium (177,000+ names from USA, UK, CA, AU)
  • Data Global (177,000+ names/country/people count from USA, UK, CA, AU)
    There is also a sample download you can select to give Name Gender Pro a try.
    Once you have chosen the package you want, click on it and download the cvs and sql files. After it’s complete, upload the file to your database. You will be given complete instructions to ensure you get through the download process seamlessly. You can opt to receive the file in sql format, which can make uploading faster.
    Once you have inserted the file into your database, you will be able to match names with our gender database right away. This will in turn help improve your marketing and re-marketing efforts. You can perfect your email campaigns to reflect the proper gender, therefore adding a personal touch that can nudge them to action. Increase your conversion rates by as much as 35 percent using this simple technique!

    Areas your business can benefit from gender marketing includes:

  • Content marketing
  • Ad design
  • Best practices
  • Newsletters
  • Ad retargeting
    With retargeting alone, you can potentially increase conversion rates by a whopping 26 percent! Stats show that 72 percent of online shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping carts. Without retargeting, only eight percent of that number returns. That should paint a clear picture of how useful retargeting is and how much better your ads and emails will be with gender marketing. Marketing today is all about being personable!
    Disclaimer: The file you purchase from Name Gender Pro can only be used for business purposes, so it cannot be transferred or resold. There are “name traps” in our files that allow us to identify when unauthorized use. In the event you sell our file to an unlicensed party, you will be at risk of legal litigation.


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