How many unique first names does Name Gender Pro’s data set provide?


Name Gender Pro has collected 177,622 unique female, male and unisex first names from over 365 million people during the course of 135 years, from countries like the U.S, UK, Canada and Australia. We offer three different packages to choose from so that you can select the one that best suits your business and marketing needs.


Where does Name Gender Pro get its data?


To provide the highest possible accuracy, we combine the data from multiple data sources such as publicly available US and International governmental sources, social media, etc.


What happens if a name could be both “male” and “female”?


We have identified all unisex names, names that apply to all genders, under a separate “unisex” category. Thus you’ll have 3 groups of first names: “male”, “female” and “unisex”.


What is the expected “match rate” when cross-checking first names from NameGenderPro data set and your own database?


“Match Rate” differs from business to business and is dependent on how and where you collected the data. However, we would expect an average “match rate” to be anywhere between 80% to 97%. Most businesses are averaging close to 94% match rate.

To provide the highest possible accuracy, we combine the data from multiple sources such as publicly available US and International governmental sources, social media, etc.


What is included in the Free Data Sample?


This sample file includes 9,946 US first names that begin with the letter “A”. This is roughly only 10% of all US names in our Data Professional Package. This sample file is in the same format as our paid packages, so you will know exactly what are you going to get should you decide to purchase one of the NameGenderPro packages.


Is there any benefit in downloading the Free Data Sample?


Yes there is! Our Free Data Sample is to verify the quality of NameGenderPro data set without paying first. Free Data Sample receives all US first names that begin with the letter “A”. With it you can upload NameGenderPro free sample file to your own database and find out the “match rate” between first names that you have (those that begin with the letter “A”) and NameGenderPro’s.

Please note that NameGenderPro Free Data Sample includes only US names that begin with the letter “A”, which is essentially a sub-set of Data Professional Package. If you decide to download Data Premium Package or Data Global Package they will include names from US, UK, NZ, AU and Canada and the match rate against your database is going to be even higher!


Is it complicated to start using Name Gender data set?


NameGenderPro has made the entire process of buying and accessing your name database very simple. Once you choose and purchase the data package that suits your business you can start using that data right away:

  1.      You will receive an email with instructions on how to use and a link where to download the data package. Data package would come in 2 formats for your convenience csv file and sql file (same data, just in two formats). The data file includes 2 columns: “first name” and “gender”. It’s that simple!
  2.      You will need to create a table in your CRM environment to host NameGenderPro data.
  3.      You will need to upload a NameGenderPro file to the dedicated table to host the name gender data.
  4.      Now you can datamine, cross-check against your database, etc.


Once I buy Name Gender Pro data – do I own it?


Yes! You own the data file but please note that it cannot be transferred or resold. The file you purchase from Name Gender Pro can be used for your business only.


Why does knowing the gender of my consumer matter?


When you take into account the gender of your audience, you’ll find that their interactions with your content will differ. For instance, for email marketing, men are found to open their emails more often than women. However, women spend more time opening up emails than men (between 10am and 9pm). Info like this is highly essential for planning out your email marketing campaigns. Knowing who you’re talking to in your emails, blogs, ads and other content will strengthen your message and potentially boost conversion rates.


How would my business benefit from knowing consumer’s gender?


The businesses that are savvy enough to use consumer’s gender are witnessing hikes in their conversion rates, revenue, retargeting rates, better social reach, product marketing, branding as well as improved acquisition and content marketing efforts (newsletters, email marketing, blogs, etc.).

We know that male and women are different breeds of shoppers. This makes it even more necessary to know who it is you’re talking to, so you can utilize these behavioral profiles to your advantage. Businesses that cater to both males and females must learn to be more personable in their content, so that it connects with prospects. Potentially converting them into loyal customers.


Can I “return” NameGenderPro data sets if I didn’t like it?


Yes you can! When we say that customer’s satisfaction guaranteed – we really mean it! If you decided to “return” your package – you’ll get all your money back no questions asked. Please note that you’ll have to request a refund within 30 days since your original purchase.


What if I still have questions?


We’ll be always happy to help and assist and we’ll do our best to get back to you within a few hours. Please contact us at info@namegenderpro.com or use the contact form.