How to Adapt Marketing Strategies to Millennial Consumers

A great example of an advertising campaign that had an opportunity to change the way the millennial audience was targeted is Old Spice’s “The man your man could smell like”. Old Spice, the company that started in 1937, was the biggest name in male grooming products for over 70 years with the famous tagline: “Men wear Old Spice because women like it.”   Old Spice's marketing was simple yet effective until they hit millennials. It was hard to get millennials to buy Old Spice bec

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Gender Based Marketing and the Science of Influencing Consumer Behavior

gender based marketing that works for every business

There’s an old stat going around that 80% of purchases are women and 3% of creative directors are men. But even if this is an outdated statistic, it shows an accurate picture of brands not adequately connecting with their target audience.   If your company isn’t already segmenting campaigns to make them personalized, then you’re leaving money on the table. Your competitors are likely already using various pieces of data to improve their marketing. This includes targeting prospects

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Gender Based Marketing 101 – How To Effectively Use Gender Marketing Without Stereotyping

Write down a list of ways you can improve your marketing campaign. Does gender marketing make it to the list? If not, you are like many companies that under-estimating the power of gender based marketing segmentation.   Appearances Can Be Deceiving   Before considering behavioral features in the process of buying of each gender, it is worth keeping in mind the known external features of the product. There are many products belonging to the category of "unisex", but gradually t

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The Art and Science Of Gender Based Marketing Segmentation

The term gender marketing emerged years ago as result of fundamental consideration of markets from the point of view of women and male consumers. The fact that this approach requires more and more attention is confirmed by studies. In 2009, the Boston Consulting Group showed that 64 per cent of all private consumption and investment decisions were made by women worldwide.   Market Segmentation   Everything is divided: from sports equipment to soap, shampoos, shower gels and sha

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How To Benefit Your Business And Consumers From The Hidden Power Of Gender Marketing

The theme of gender is one of the most controversial. Whether you adhere to the traditionalist view of gender roles, advocate gender neutrality or promote the ideas of radical feminism, there will always be those who disagree with you and are ready to argue about this until hoarse. From the point of view of sociology, politics or religion, this is perhaps the problem. But in terms of marketing, this is just one of many factors that shape consumer behavior. And this factor, as if the marketer did

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Name Gender List – Market Segmentation That Leads To Conversions

Wasting money on marketing and impressions that gives you so many leads but not enough conversions? The key is for you to determine how to segment your consumers in a way that will have the biggest impact on your business. Consumer segmentation enables marketing teams to make the most out of their valuable marketing dollars by tailoring their marketing efforts to each specific audience. Save money by reaching the right people with the right message.   What is consumer segmentation? &nb

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Growth Hacking + Consumer Segmentation = 10 x Email Marketing Sales [4 Tips For The Holiday Season]

Email Marketing, Growth Hacking, Consumer Segmentation, Gender Based Segmenation

Holiday bells are a ringing – what have you done to improve your digital marketing this season? If you’re not making moves to increase your traffic and conversions, then you’re leaving money on the table.   Not to mention, you’re also losing customers to your competition. But one way to gain a competitive edge is to implement gender marketing segmentation into your strategy.   After all, it’s the top way to give your holiday email sales a real boost. And let’s not

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2017 Best Marketing Segmentation Tools – Name Gender Lists

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you’ve likely heard, or even had talks, about using personalization in your online marketing. Segmentation is nothing new in general marketing, but it has definitely transformed.   Today, we are using various factors to segment and personalize the experience of customers and prospects. Particularly, we’re beginning to see the importance of gender marketing segmentation and how it relates to improving conversion rates.   As you may

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Gender-Based Marketing Segmentation That Works for Every Business

Businesses (especially SaaS products) built upon creating consumer-focused services and products are oftentimes lacking in personalized experiences and content. Prospects and customers are treated the same, regardless of the acquisition channel they come from, their buying intent, geo segmentation, gender or anything else that would require a personalized approach. In recent years, advertising has taken a shift towards personalization, yet, many businesses have yet to catch on. Companies, big an

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The Untold Story of Gender Marketing Segmentation in the Age of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

The Great Divide: How SaaS Has Fallen Behind the Rat Race   The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry emerged from the cable television subscription model very quickly, becoming synonymous to innovations, cutting edge technologies, and groundbreaking marketing acquisition techniques. SaaS start-ups were founded by a new generation of data-driven leaders that spoke a new language of ROI, Lifetime value, and churn rates. This new generation of leaders preferred Growth Rates, Bookings, a

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